[TORA SAN] One truth of Mitsuo! Where is the university? Did you get married?


Tora is a person who can understand the sorrow and loneliness of others.

Tora’s true character is well portrayed in the masterpiece of Japanese cinema, ‘It’s Tough Being a Man’.

In this film, the appearances of Kiyoshi Atsumi, who was in poor health, decreased, and instead, those of Yoshioka increased.

A key theme of the film ‘It’s Tough Being a Man’ is who the main character, the ‘Man’, is and who played him.

Furthermore, in this article, we delve deeper into the university ‘Mitsuo’ aimed for and the marriage he entered, exploring how these influenced his character and the storyline.

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One truth of Mitsuo! Where is the university? Did you get married?


The truth of Mitsuo! ?

It’s well known that fans are three full-fledged actors, but in fact, there was another actor who played a full-fledged role!

It was the first work and appeared as the man of a newborn baby.

▼Here is the scene at that time.

In the season when the chrysanthemums bloom, Sakura comes to Aunt and Taishakuten’s Kazuhisa to show a newborn baby.


<In the first movie, “Men is hard”, a scene showing Sakura to the full-bodied baby that Sakura (Chieko Baisho) has just been born.


<A full-bodied baby sleeping comfortably in his arm>

In June 1969, a request for a performance came to a baby who had a relationship and was born in March.

The baby was born on March 15, 1969 and his name is Masakazu Ishikawa.

I was overlooked by the fan of “TORA SAN”!

The initial planned scene is a scene where Mr. Mae (Satoshi Kasa in the center of the photo) holds a man and scolds Gen-chan (Kojiro Sato) watching a postcard from Mr. Tsuji. In response to the cry, the full-bodied baby who was hugging was scheduled to cry.

However, it seems that the full-bodied baby who drank milk just before the shooting could not cry because he slept while being held by you.

I thought that there were only three actors who played the role of “TORA SAN”, and I didn’t realize that there was a scene where the role of the man was first appearing in the last scene.

Where is Mitsuo’s university? Has Mitsuo married?

Where is Mitsuo’s university?

Mitsuo became the man of Hidetaka Yoshioka.

In the 42nd work of the 16th film, “TORA SAN otokohatsuraiyo, My Uncle”, Mitsuo, who was a long life, went to university in the 43rd film, “The Man’s Workout, torajiro no kyujitsu”. Have passed.

Mitsuo, who became a college student, wanted a boarding house because the university was far from home.

There is a scene where Mitsuo finds a boarding house without permission and plans to move without consulting with his parents.

From this scene, you can see that Mitsuo passed away from university life and became a college student.

In the 45th movie “otokohatsuyraiyo torajiro no seishun”, when Madonna Izumi-chan suddenly traveled from Tokyo Station to Nagoya for his mother’s hospitalization, when Sakura contacted Mano ’s university, the name of the university Will be found.

The university where Mano attended from Tokyo to Hachioji was “Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics at Joto University”.

Mitsuo gets a phone call from Sakura and heads from Hachioji to Tokyo Station where Izumi is waiting.

I arrived just before the departure of the Shinkansen, and I can safely see off Izumi-chan, but this scene is a rare and exciting scene in “Otoko Harayoyo”, and a bittersweet youth drama of Mano was unfolding.

Has Mitsuo married?

Mitsuo and a lover

「TORA SAN otokohatsuraiyo」is a classic story that a lover appears in the protagonist Aoi-san, embrace love and Aoi-san breaks down, but in fact, a lover also appeared in a man who is a niece’s niece It was.

A lover appears after Hideo Yoshioka becomes a man.

Izumi-chan and Naho-chan.

The role of Naho is Riho Makise, and the role of Izumi is Kumiko Goto.


The encounter between Mano and Naho-chan (Mr. Riho Makise) is in the 47th film, “otokohatsuyariyo.

I got acquainted at the place where I went to the senior citizen’s local area by being invited by the senior of the university.

It was a faint love with Naho-chan, a victorious, played by Riho Makise, a man who had doubts about himself while traveling, but he was buried in monotonous days after job hunting.


Izumi was acting lonely somewhere and wanted to rely on someone.
Izumi-chan’s father is affair and separated from his mother, and his family is a little complicated and lacks overall brightness.

I don’t know what a man is, but I think it’s good that she is cheerful and carefree and strong enough to lead in an emergency.

I don’t think Naho-chan is perfect for Mitsuo.

Of course, Izumi-chan has a long history of dating 4 works from the 42nd work “My Uncle, My Uncle”, and it is needless to say that the most important person is Izumi-chan rather than Naho-chan. However, I think that “good-looking” will win over anything.

Namitsuo clumsy for love

In the 48th film “Otokohatsuyariyo, Kojiro Benihana”, Izumi goes to Tokyo from Nagoya and consults with Mano about whether to marry and get married, but Mitsuo recommends marriage if it is a good relationship. . Mitsuo will act differently from his true intention.

After that, Izumi-chan corrects Mitsuo’s true meaning, and Masao shouts “I love you” to Izumi-chan and settles down. But after all, Mano’s marriage couldn’t be realized, and “Otokohatsuyariyo” has finished the final work.

Mitsuo, who is not alone, is not so good at love as Mr. Tsuji.

But isn’t the man apt to take the opposite action? Prank your favorite girl or pretend you do n’t know even if you talk to them.

I understand the feeling that you want to go on a trip.

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Review of “TORA SAN otokohatsuraiyo”

“Otoko Hatsuraiyo” is directed by Yoji Yamada and starred by Kiyoshi Atsumi. All 48 films have been screened and are among the masterpieces that are recognized in the Guinness Book of Music as the “longest movie series played by one actor”.

Mitsuo is one of the characters in this “Men is hard” character, a child born to Sakura, the main character, and her husband, Hiroshi.

Other characters include Tsuji and Sakura’s grandfather (uncle), aunt, Taco president (Ms. Tsuji and junior high school classmates), Oma-sama (Taishakuten’s Kazuhisa), and Madonna, who loves Tsuji. .

Takiya’s niece goes on a trip from the local Tokyo Katsushika Shibamata.

Falling in love on a trip, going home and having a riot, broken love.

Although it is a fun and lively story, “Men is hard”, which makes me feel a little sentimental, was an important treasure in the Japanese movie world.

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About Mitsuo

The 42nd work that Mr. Kiyoshi Atsumi, who plays Aoi-san, was in poor health, was a hard story, and my uncle was making a sub-story with the main character of Sakura and Hiroshi’s child.

Mitsuo was born in 1969 (Showa 44), the first work “Men is hard”.

During the 26 years from the first work to the 48th work, the actors who played the role of Mano were Hayato Nakamura, Yasuhiro Okita, and Hidetaka Yoshioka. In summary:

Hayato Nakamura-1st to 8th work, 10th to 26th work
Mr. Yasuhiro Okita-9th
Hidetaka Yoshioka-27th to 48th

Among the actors who played the role of many men, Hayato Nakamura appeared in 25 “TORA SAN”. Hidetaka Yoshioka has 22 works.

Hayato Nakamura was the first man to play as a man and touched Hidetaka Yoshioka to take the junior high school examination.

Hideoka Yoshioka appeared in the role of a man and appeared in “Men is hard” from the 27th work “Men is hard”.

Hidetaka Yoshioka is a well-known actor who played a pure role from the northern country of Satoshi Kuramoto. The unique atmosphere of Nayonayo and the performance of a slightly higher voice is perfect for acting as a man.

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“Kitanokunikara” is a TV drama of 24 episodes broadcast from October 9, 1981 to March 26, 1982.

Eight episodes were aired as drama specials until 2002 after the TV series ended. In the drama special, the audience rating exceeded 20% each time.

Mr. Hidetaka Yoshioka, who plays the role of a man, has been performing purely in “From the North Country” since the fourth grade of elementary school, and is one of Hidetaka Yoshioka’s representative works.


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Summary of Mitsuo

The truth of Mitsuo!

  • It wasn’t 3 people who played Mitsuo! There was a baby Mitsuo!
  • Mitsuo attended the “Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics at Joto University” in Hachioji, Tokyo!
  • Mitsuo wasn’t married because of poor love!

Fans believed that Mitsuo was playing three people, but actually four people were playing.

Didn’t you realize that there was a baby boy who was the first Mitsuo baby?

The university that Mitsuo attended was Hachioji’s “Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics at Joto University”.

I couldn’t rely on Tora-san, who was the trace of “Toraya”, so I thought that Mitsuko chose the Faculty of Economics to take over the management of the store.

Mitsuo is similar to the main character, Tora-san, and is poor at romance.

Therefore, I couldn’t express my feelings straight, I was distracted by the other woman, and eventually I couldn’t get married.

If Atsumi Kiyoshi’s physical condition was not bad and a sequel was produced, maybe Mitsuo would have married Izumi-chan.

“Otokohatsuyraiyo” is a recommended movie

The name “Torasan” I have heard somewhere.

The movie in which this “Tora-san” appeared was “Otokohatsuyraiyo”.

From the first work published in 1969 (Showa 44) to the 48th work in 1995 (Heisei 7) when the curtain closes, the drama will unfold with the same characters.

Kiyoshi Atsumi, who plays Tora-san, died in 1996 when he was 68 years old.

From around the 42nd work, which became unwell, a drama featuring the man of Akatsuki was created, and the “Otokohatsuyraiyo” series was reduced from 2 to 1 per year.

I often avoided movies of humanity and watched mainly SFX-oriented Western movies.

However, I decided to watch the whole movie because “Otokohatsuyraiyo” was broadcast on BS TV.

“Otokohatsuyraiyo” is good.

Watching “TORA SAN” makes me feel better and feel positive about whether to start again from tomorrow.

Why are you attracted by the main character, “Otokohatsuyraiyo?

I’ve been traveling all year round with repeated love and broken love, but when I come back to Shibatama Katsushika, the whole family and the city are getting brighter and brighter.

I don’t know why, but I think “Otokohatsuyraiyo” is a good movie.


“TORA SAN” is back! If you add a special edition, “TORA SAN” has produced 49 works.

In commemoration of the 50th year since 2019, the first work was released, the long-awaited 50th work was released, and details are introduced on the following site.

Inspiring comments on director Yoji Yamada’s “Men is hard” are also introduced. A must-see for fans.


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